NaCI 22


Original collage on paper

29.7 x 21 cm


I really enjoyed putting this together. Another playful arrangement made up from random selections that were building up as This is My World series began to develop. Following the collaging tradition of building up layers to create a perspective, I added in curios here and there to create this oddly satisfying, surreal landscape. The pink salt became the foreground and was the decisive element for picking a title. If you don’t know, (how could you not! 😂), NaCl is the chemical compound for sodium chloride, or salt. The 22 indicates the 22nd collage in this series.

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General information

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Original Collage on paper by Stephen Tribbel. Collage of U.S. landscapes with geometric shapes, tin of Spam, Mcdonald’s logo, pink salt, and picture of Nadiya Hussain.NaCI 22