Complete collection of Stephen Tribbel's This Is My World Collection in grid form

About This is My World

This is My World is a collection of 48 collages which were completed in 2019, but due to the pandemic did not get a public showing. 

The collection is my homage to the art of collage and collecting (or hoarding, depending on who you talk to). Throughout my career, I have collected and categorised thousands of pieces of material for making collages and other mixed media artworks. In 2018 I began a thorough exploration of this bank of material, with the ambition of using as much as possible in a series of collages, the result is the eclectic and colourful This is My World.  


The series features material collected from books, magazines, posters, catalogues, and packaging. When making collages I’m usually quite playful with my compositions and I enjoy exploring the surreal and bizarre. In this collection there are surreal arrangements alongside more literal pieces and a few pieces that pay direct reference to my influences and experiences. 

The remaining originals from This is My World will be available for sale during the latest exhibition at Centrespace Gallery, alongside a selection of limited-edition reproduction prints and more recent original collages.

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