Art Workshops at Vine Schools in Wiltshire

Vine Schools Workshop

As Head of Programme development at Creative United, I was invited to present to three classes across the Vine School network in Chippenham. The network includes three primary schools which fall under the Diocese of Bristol Academies. The schools have a hands-on approach to visual arts and in recent terms the pupils in years 3, 4, and 5 have been studying colour theory, experimenting with large scale drawings, learning about different artists and artistic styles including the sculpture of Barbara Hepworth, and about Cubist paintings by Picasso. My presentation focused on how creativity plays a part in many jobs. I talked about the many creative jobs involved in theatre and film production, where artists get their inspiration from, and how creative skills can be applied across many disciplines.


Student's painting of orcas from Stephen Tribbel's art workshop at Vine schools

The arts programme at the Vine schools is headed up by class teacher, Rhianna Wakely who sees the educational value of the visual arts and was very keen to construct a programme that was diverse, interesting, and engaging. Here’s what she had to say about me.

“My class loved the workshop! At break time, I heard one of the boys saying, “I had no idea there were so many jobs for artists!” and at the end of the day we did a recap of the day and one of the girls said, “I want to design the costumes in a theatre”. Steve’s workshop really opened their eyes to the creative possibilities ahead of them.”

The Diocese of Bristol Academy Trust are a mixture of small rural village schools, large inner-city schools and new free schools placed into growing communities across Bristol, North Wiltshire, and Swindon. More information about the trust can be found here:

Photo of Stephen Tribbel's art workshop at Vine schools
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