URBAN AESTHETIC no.34 (Art and Illusion)


Painted wood blocks, acrylic paint, and collage on board

58 x 47 x 5.3 cm (Framed)

Collage on board (wood blocks, an original page from The Republic by Plato, ink and acrylic paint)

Urban Aesthetic 34 is the second piece in this series that takes inspiration from, Plato’s Republic. In this instance I have used text from the chapter Art and Illusion in which Plato argues that art is mimicry of an already illusionary world, art is essentially representation of representation and cannot show the true nature of things. He was not against art per se, more concerned that it and the artists who make it can have a corrupting influence on society.

Of course, Plato is not the arbitrator of all things art, and many would argue that art has the power to improve our perception, and through its appreciation we can free ourselves from the chaos and tragedy of ordinary life.

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General information

Web images: Every care has been taken to ensure a faithful reproduction of the original artwork and where possible I upload high resolution scans. However, some variations may occur when viewing online. If you have any questions about the image please do not hesitate to contact me.

Framing: Everything looks better framed. Most of the pieces from Urban Aesthetic are framed unless stated otherwise.

Care: Art is unique and can last a lifetime, and beyond, if cared for properly. Do not hang work above radiators as this can cause warping to some frames and dry out the glue used in the making of the collage. Unlike with Gremlins, water will not multiply your artwork, avoid hanging work in damp areas and near water sources; kitchens and bathrooms should be avoided unless you have adequate ventilation. Avoid hanging work in direct sunlight as this will fade the colours and images over time.

Cleaning Urban Aesthetic pieces: Urban Aesthetic pieces are three dimensional and are prone to collecting dust as they are unglazed. Once a month I recommend using a soft synthetic, full bodied brush (like a blurring and blending foundation brush) to remove dust from raised areas and running a hairdryer on cool setting across the front of the piece.

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Original collage painting on wood blocks by Stephen Tribbel. Squares painted in yellow, white, and shades of blue. An original page from The Republic by Plato painted blue. A black and white gothic image of candles with books and a face.URBAN AESTHETIC no.34 (Art and Illusion)